History and mission

We have the expertise and materials essential to the fabrication of a durable, and esthetic wood that distinguishes itself by its’ high quality. "Not many essences of wood haven’t been put through our torrefaction burners. We have conceived our burner recipes to meet with many quality standards."

Welcome to Our way of doing things.


  • Founding by Corporation Waskahegen;
  • Purchase of the city’s previous garage.


  • Installation of the Perdure oven;
  • Purchase of the profiling equipements.


  • Activities begin ( research and development).


  • PCI Industries closes,  9339-4807 Québec Inc. (Kisis Technologies)  takes over activities;
  • Siding and patio wood from poplar start being produced


  • A finishing line is developed for our products. 9339-4807 Québec Inc. (Kisis Technologies) materials are now available with or without finish.

Company mission:

Maintain an optimal position in the thermo-transformation industry by offering a range of high quality torrefied wood products while respecting the following values:


  • A constant quality product. No surprises no compromises.


  • Prompt and exact orders
  • Developing a durable partnership with our clientele.


  • Of clients;
  • Of employees;
  • Of suppliers;
  • Of the environment.