Transformation process

2nd wood transformation: thermo-transformation

Thermo-transformation of wood is a process by witch heat is used to better the materials characteristics

"This ecological process, using Perdure technology, allows extraction of humidity in the wood, and increases the woods’ characteristics to obtain a more durable, stable, esthetical and ecological material. All these added values allow multiple uses for this now revolutionary material!"

» Process


Wood is heated in a propane oven that can contain up to 4500 pmp. Precise guidelines are followed depending on the essence and size of the wood, the oven operator increases the temperature gradually to the desired degree. Once attained, a stabilisation period of this temperature is maintained for a given time and then a cooling cycle begins and ends with water vapour injection thus completing the process within 12 to 15 hours. 


3rd wood transformation: profiling 


We have well understood the importance of added value. In this spirit we have invested much energy in developing a powerful production line, coming straight from raw materials by transforming it to feed other transformation plants or into semi-finished products such as multiple outdoor sidings.