Torrefied wood: an eco-friendly choice

The technology used to process torrefied wood is clean and doesn’t reject pollution in the environment. The products remain entirely natural since no chemicals have been added in the process. This is why we are proud to say that our thermo-transfomation technology and profiling as well as our finished products qualify as eco-friendly.

Torrefied wood specifications

Consult or download the document produced by Canada's Wood Products Research Institute (Forintek Canada Corp.):

  • Determination of fugal deterioration resistance
  • Determination of resistance to aging
  • Humidity level • Machining properties 
  • Retraction / Swelling
  • Dimensional stability of torrefied wood
  • Torrefied wood hardness level
  • Nail retention power


naturel-enThe physical and esthetic characteristic of torrefied wood resembles high end essences. With its warm shades, the esthetical result of the finished product is remarkable… and durable. Esthetics and durability, the perfect match to create your most ambitious interior and exterior projects! Application of UV treatment The goal of this application is purely esthetic. With time, thermo-transformed wood, as any wood product, tends to become gray when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. With this said, we recommend that you do this application to preserve the products original appearance.

Variation in shades

After the thermo-transformation process, the woods’ colour is enhanced depending on the essence and recipe used. We can also notice uniformity in the obtained shade.