Torrefied wood

...for industrial applications.

Torrefied wood’s characteristics make it an excellent choice of prime matter for all types of industrial applications of wood products. Here, we are convinced that you will de surprised by the potential our torrefied wood offers. Incorporate it to your transformation process, assembly or production and your will without a doubt get result that will propel you ahead of your competitors.

Our torrefied wood components are offered in a variety of available sizes and essences.

Our torrefied wood components are also ideal for modern and traditional architectural projects.

For example, we are proud to supply our torrefied wood components for La vielle garde, a company specialised in building commercial and residential cellars.

Your projects will take a whole new turn thanks to the numerous qualities of our torrefied wood components.



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Idées d'utilisation pour le bois torréfié

Looking for inspiration? See here all you can create with torrefied wood.