New Exceptional properties of our torrefied wood siding

We take to heart research and development for new processes which are constantly evolving. We make a point in offering to our valued customers the best torrefied wood products there are on the market.

We invest several efforts in monitoring, on the bad weather test beds, all the hypothetical ways to improve our products and that, not only keeps us at the forefront of technology, but also favourably dissociates us from our competitors.

We took the necessary time to carry out numerous tests regarding in all aspects the properties of our torrefied wood sidings, such as the quality of the finish, the species used and the shaping techniques. We are proud to announce that our new shapes, as well as our new finishing dye are from now on available to our customers.

nailDamageVigThe shaping is henceforth conceived in such a way that all the nails used remain invisible afterwards. This great improvement is an excellent news in itself. It is no longer required to add a protective coating over the nails in order to prevent the marks from appearing around them as it used to be. The wear of time will no longer show unwanted marks on your magnificent torrefied wood siding.

As for the finishing technique, we keep on applying in our workshop the same two coats on the torrefied wood siding as we used to. However, we have proudly improved our finish coat formula, making it far more superior to all that is actually on the market and thus allowing us to proudly extend our warranty coverage period to a long term one.